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Master/Doctor of Art Theory
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Academics & Programmes

School of Arts is helping to shape the world through education, research and outreach. The campus atmosphere provides opportunities to engage in groundbreaking research. And it’s not just graduate students. Undergrads often work alongside professors who are leaders in their fields, with a student-faculty ration of 14:1.

The School of Arts is one of the most highly ranked programs in China, offering undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees within the context of a full-spectrum university. For decades, the school has been a leader in art theory.

Our graduates are sought after and employed by such organizations as SAIC Motor Corporation, Ikea, Tencent, Samsung,Shanghai Museum... and many of our graduates pursue careers in academia and research.

Master / Doctor of Art Theory

We have Bilingual (Chinese and English) program of the study of art theory and history for graduate students. We also have doctoral program which focuses on art history, art theory, art criticism and art management. We pursue international cooperation in an active way.

The Main curriculum of bilingual Graduate Program:
·Aesthetics of Arts
·The principles of Arts
·The History of Chinese Arts
·The History of Western Arts
·Chinese Arts Theory and Practice
·Contemporary Arts Market research
·Western Contemporary Arts Studies
·Modern Art and Mass Culture

Master of Fine Art

Based on the training of bachelor program, the master students proceed to study in specialized fields such as traditional Chinese painting,oil painting, Chinese calligraphy, etc. Art making is responsive to local, national and global contexts, addressing the culture inside and outside of art.It is also attuned to the nature of a university environment, both enriching and mining its resources.

Master of Design

The Master of Design is a 2.5 year professional degree for students with an undergraduate degree in design or previous design experience. As the boundaries between design and other disciplines have blurred considerably - a trend that continues to accelerate. Our program of Product Design, Environmental Design, Interaction Design and Communication Planning and Information Design have been combined into a single degree through required coursework and electives within and outside the program.

Our new curriculum situates research within the larger context of the interactions between people, organizations ande the natural world. Students in the master program engage in research-based design for products, services that aim to catalyze the transition to more sustainable futures.