Introduction of School of Arts Southeast University

Southeast University (SEU) has a long history of art education and art research. As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Lianjiang Normal School, being the second stage in the history of SEU, was set up, the then president of the school Li Rui-qing, established a branch of painting and handicraft teaching, which was the earliest art education in modern China. In the century-old history, many masters of art taught in SEU, such as Li Shu-tong, the famous music educator; Wu-Mei, a specialist in Chinese opera and education, the great artists Zong Bai-hua and Lv Feng-zi, and some other famous figures such as Cheng Zhi-fo, Xu Bei-

hong, Fu Bao-shi, Wu Zuo-ren. They trained a large number of talents and thus made a significant contribution to Chinese education.

In the 1990s, both " Department of Art Study" and " The Center of Modern Art and Design" (in 2004 the center was renamed Department of Art and Communication ) were established at Southeast University. The first doctoral degree program of art study was established here in China. In September 2006, Department of Art Study and Department of Art and Media merged into School of Arts. The School now consists of three departments and some research centers and institutions, they are Department of Animation, Department of Design, and Department of Fine Arts, Research Center for Art Study, Research Center for Creative Arts , Folk Art Research Center , Research Institute of Chinese calligraphy , Opera Novels Institute , Institute of Oriental Culture , Institute of Cultural Industry , Tourism and Landscape Institute and other academic research institutions. There are 13 professors, 19 associate professors, 21 lecturers and 1 teaching assistant of the total 54 full time faculty working in the School. More than 73% of teachers have doctoral degrees, 40 % of teachers have overseas post-doctoral research experience or similar background.

Being a specialized agencies of arts education and research, our School offers degree programs from undergraduate to Ph. D besides a mobile post-doctoral station of Art Study. It has the authorities to launch Ph. D. Program of first-class disciplines in Theoretical Art Study and Master Programs of first-class disciplines in Fine Arts Study and Design Study besides a MFA(Master of Fine Arts) Program. At the level of undergraduate education, there are three BA programs: Animation, Industrial Design, and Fine arts. 

The faculty members of the school have presided over and accomplished 9 national level and 16 provincial level research projects in the field of arts; 1 key and 5 average national projects and 40 provincial projects are under research. We have won 15 prizes and awards for academic research at the provincial and national levels, published more than 100 academic monographs, 20 textbooks and 1000 academic papers. It shows that some of our alumni who had won Ph. D and MA degrees from SEU have become the leading figures in the research area of the history and theory of arts in China; many of our outstanding alumni who won the BA degrees of arts from our school have gone on to become the backbone in the fields of artistic practice throughout the country.

In 2008, Chinese Education published its education quality assessment-- the first education assessment by authoritative institution in China-- said that the graduate education of our school ranked third in China. Our Discipline of Art Study was rated twice as " key discipline" in Jiangsu Province from the period of the 10th five-year plan to the 11th five-year plan. In 2007, collaborated with the department of ethics, we successfully accomplished philosophic and social science innovation base projects named " Second Stage 985-project Program" supported by the Ministry of Education, with the purpose of promoting the interdisciplinary collaborative research of science, arts and ethics. In 2007 our Discipline of Art Study of Southeast University was added to the list as one of the national key disciplines by the Ministry of education, until now it is both the only arts national key discipline in Jiangsu province and the only arts theory of the first-class national key disciplines. Many important research projects , such as national " 985 Projects of the third period" projects, “art and creative industry research" philosophy and social science base projects, the national "211 Projects", “arts theory research and Application on new platform” projects, “ philosophy and social science key research base projects of Jiangsu universities” were hosted by our school. In 2011, our artistic theory discipline was rated as Jiangsu provincial level key discipline.

The school of Arts implements open teaching and research policy. We have established cooperation relationship with King’s College, London, University of Washington and New York Film Academy . We are building a more open and free academic and teaching atmosphere. In addition, we look forward to collaborating with more well-known domestic and foreign universities, research institutes and cultural enterprises and institutions of arts and culture all over the world in the field of research and art education. At present, the School of arts of Southeast University has grown into China's art education and research center.

Widely recognized for our unique interdisciplinary environment, the School of Arts at SEU has become one of the most important bases of art education and research in China. We warmly welcome friends who have interests in arts at home and abroad, and jointly push forward the research of arts and the development of education.